Variants of Klaverjassen, The Famous Dutch Card Game

Trough time different variants of the game Klaverjassen have been developed since especially in Holland, people play the game a little different in specific regions. The game is over 300 years old and has been played all over the Benelux. Today you can even play online Klaverjassen at various websites. Basically you can divide the variants of Klaverjassen into two subcategories, the Amsterdams Klaverjassen version and the Rotterdams Klaverjassen version. The big differences between these two variants have to do with the troeven, the power cards which are determined before each round.

With Amsterdams Klaverjassen a teammate can’t go over the troef of his partner when his partner has the highest troef on the table at the moment. With Klaverjassen it is also up to the left player of the dealer to decide which troef it will be during the round and has to play on that particular troef as well. This while with Rotterdams Klaverjassen usually a troef is being turned from the pile of cards which are not used during the game of Klaverjassen namely the twos up to the sixes. These are shuffled and placed on a pile. Every round the top card is faced up and placed aside and then the players can state, starting left of the dealer, whether they would like to “play” or “pass”. If they decide to play on a particular color that color will be the troef for the remainder of that round. It can happen that everybody passes but then a second card is turned. If nobody plays on the second troef either then the dealer must shuffle the cards and deal again. Once the cards are dealt, a new troef must be faced up and everybody gets the chance to pass or play again. This is repeated until a round is played.

It happens that people play klaverjassen and use a combination of Amsterdams Klaverjassen and Rotterdams Klaverjassen. If they do they usually draw a card and still the player left of the dealer has to play with that specific card. There are other variations of klaverjassen and it basically depends on the company you are in which variation is being used. They all look a lot alike so if you’re not familiar with one particular variation but know another variation of klaverjassen, then you can still pick up the rules of the variation within a few games.